Termites are very tiny creatures which are commonly found on your door frame, bathroom and even on the skirting of the windows. Termites live in colonies that multiply rapidly. They feed on wood and can damage your furniture in no time. Hence, it is best to get your property investigated properly from a pest control agency to rule out any outcomes of termite infestation before you move in. We, at Termite Treatment Melbourne, have been providing termite control services to businesses and households across Melbourne. Our termite control Melbourne prices depend on the severity of the infestation and the complexities involved in eliminating them from your property.

Following are some of the methods that we use to get rid of termites


Baiting is generally used in sever to extreme cases where other techniques fail. This is quite an effective solution to get rid of termites and Termite Control Melbourne Prices may work out to around $1500-$3000.

Termite barrier

 If you are looking for a permanent solution then it’s wise to get in touch with a pest control agency that makes use of the termite barrier method which targets to kill the entire colony. However, this certainly come at a cost and you might have to shell a minimum of $500 for a basic treatment.

Chemical treatment

 There are loads of DIY method which makes use of chemicals that can be   sprayed, foamed to kill termites however they are not effective enough to eliminate the entire colony, therefore only provide a temporary solution.

Dusting treatment

 Dusting treatment can be used in case live termites are spotted. Bit of dust is sprinkled on live termite and their nest are blocked with the chemical. There are multiple visits required to see ins results.

Pre-construction treatment

Now adays builder often pre-treat the entire property with Termidor which is a very effective chemical. Termidor Termite Control Melbourne Prices may range from $1000-$3500 however it’s indeed a onetime treatment which may sound to be expensive but works cheaper as compared to other methods. Since its give 100% surety against termites for a lifetime therefore you can be rest assured that your property is safe from termite.

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