Factors Which Determine the Termite Control Melbourne Cost

Termite Treatment in Melbourne

If you happen to see any kind of blisters in your wood flooring, mud tubes on your walls or next to door frames and window skirting then it can be a sign of termite infestation. If you suspect termite infestation then check for hollowed wood, plaster damage and soft wood. If any of these is present then it certainly calls for a Termite inspection Melbourne.

Pest control agencies make use of variety of methods to remove termite temporary as well as permanently. The termite control Melbourne Prices can vary depending upon various factors. Following are few of the factors which determine the Termite control Melbourne cost

  • Size of the property-Larger the property, more would be the effort, therefore if you are looking to safeguard the property against termites then all the walls will be treated and extra care would be given to problem areas such as doors frames, window skirting etc.
  • Level of infestation-Level of infestation and treatment cost are directly proportional. Greater the infestation, greater will be the Termite control Melbourne prices. Unfortunately, termites are very small creatures which get visible only when their colony size increases drastically. Hence if you can see live termite then you can assume that the level of infestation is already drastic.
  • Types of treatment-There are variety of treatments available in the market. Ranging from simple DIY methods which makes use of chemical treatment However the barrier method and the baiting method is more expensive than the methods which only target to kill the live termites visible from the eye rather than targeting the entire nest along with the queen termite.
  • Number of visits required-If the infestation is at its peak and the size of the property is large then it would require greater number of visits. There are certain treatments which require multiple treatments irrespective of the level of infestation as well. More number of visits will increase the pest control cost.
  • Chemical or non-chemical based-Simple DIY methods which make use of chemicals which are sprayed and foamed are much cheaper than the baiting and barrier methods. However, DIY methods may require multiple treatments from time to time which would ultimately mount up the termite control Melbourne Prices.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it’s wise to get a prior Termite inspection Melbourne to rule out pre infestation of termites in the property before moving in. Since it is difficult to spot termites at a nascent stage therefore it’s even more important to get your property inspected for termite infestation by pest control agencies which deal in Termite treatment Melbourne. Book a termite control service from us and for home inspections, call (03) 9008 5516.