Four Tips To Eliminate Termites In Wooden Structures

Four Tips To Eliminate Termites In Wooden Structures

A termite infestation could be terrifying. They bang their heads against the walls and make clicking sounds when their colony is disturbed. What makes it worse is that you will hardly notice when the infestation sneaks in. If you have a lot of wooden structures and furniture pieces in your home, you are more likely to be affected by termite infestation. Here are some termite control tips that help you protect your furniture from pest damages down the road.


Termites love moist and dark conditions. Leaving your infested furniture in direct sunlight for 2 to 3 days can help get rid of moisture in the furniture, eliminate existing infestation and prevent future invasion as well.


Moisten the cardboard with water and place it near the area where there is an infestation. The woody smell and cellulose present in the cardboard lure the attention of termites and even attract them. Now, you can either burn or discard the cardboard to get rid of it.


Prepare a solution of water and borax powder, and spray it on the infested areas. The termites will vanish after a few applications. For better results, you can deploy this method in combination with cardboard trap as well.


Neem and orange oil are highly effective at keeping termites at bay. The d-limonene present in the orange oil can easily kill termites whereas the neem oil takes effect once it is ingested by the termites. You can either pour this oil or spray over the affected areas frequently for better results.


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